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One month to go before the 7th Annual Ivy Sports Symposium!

18 octobre 2012

The 7th edition of the Ivy Sports Symposium, one of the Academic Partners of the Global Sports Forum, will be held at Columbia University (New York) on November 16, 2012.

The Ivy Sports Symposium is one of the global sports industry’s premier conferences that is held at Ivy League institutions on a rotating schedule. It provides a forum for interaction and debate between college students and professionals, and enables the industry’s leaders and most successful executives to share invaluable knowledge with their peers and future industry leaders.

Chris Chaney, Founder and Executive Director of the Ivy Sports Symposium, participated in the 2012 edition of the Global Sports Forum Barcelona last March. Eight months later, Lucien Boyer (@Lucienboyer), General Commissioner of the GSFB, will be speaking on a panel dedicated to marketing and sponsorship. It will be an opportunity for both of them to discuss all the opportunities to be developed and implemented between the two events.

Among these opportunities, there is a shared ambition of fostering cross-cultural exchange, collaboration and communication among students and sports business professionals in Europe and North America. Another objective remains to highlight the future leaders and key stakeholders who will run the world of sport in the years to come.

Moreover, in line with the GSFB’s philosophy “Sport: what’s next”, the Symposium will honor its 10 NEXT Class of 2012 in a special ceremony prior to the opening keynote session. Launched last year in partnership with SportsPro, the 10 NEXT Awards will recognize ten promising sports executives under the age of 30.

In an effort to diversify session formats, the 2012 Symposium will include a number of workshops on topics such as social media and networking. These workshops, led by members of the 10 NEXT Class of 2011, will afford participants an opportunity to learn practical approaches to key functional areas in sports business. During the lunch hour, attendees will be spoiled for choice at the Symposium: no fewer than four panels will be run at the same time, offering participants a chance to select their subject of interest. The closing panel will provide a star-studded punctuation mark on the night, gathering General Managers from some of New York’s most prominent professional sport teams.

For further details about the 2012 Symposium agenda and registration information, please visit
Follow the Ivy Sports Symposium on Twitter @SportsSymposium #iss2012

About the Ivy Sports Symposium

Established in 2006 by Chris Chaney at Princeton University, the Ivy Sports Symposium sets the standard for college-based sports business conferences. The intimate setting combined with engaging content and dynamic speakers makes it a “must attend” event every year. In 2011, the Symposium established two initiatives furthering its commitment to the development and promotion of young leaders in the industry.

The Ivy Sports Symposium Fellowship Program provides motivated college students with the unique opportunity to actively contribute to the continued success of the Symposium organization. Fellows work directly with the Executive Director to define, articulate and execute strategies aimed at achieving the organization’s vision.

In addition, the Symposium has partnered with SportsPro to launch 10 NEXT, an annual award honoring the future generation of sports industry leaders from around the world who will shape the business in the coming decades. Each year, the 10 NEXT awards recognize a distinct group of ten sports executives under the age of 30 that have achieved an exceptional level of success that is truly rare at such a young age.

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