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Coe: British media an asset to London 2012 preparations

9 March 2012

A « forensic » free media has been one of the key assets in London’s successful build up to this summer’s Olympic Games according to Lord Sebastian Coe.

Coe, Chairman of the London 2012 Organising Committee (LOCOG), proved an unlikely supporter of his critics after American journalist and sportswriter Alan Abrahamson, moderator of the conversation on the third day of the Global Sports Forum Barcelona 2012, labelled the British press “feral”, despite the fact a group of them were sitting just a few metres away.

“I wouldn’t say feral,” said Coe. “What I would say however is that I don’t think that a Games has ever been delivered in a media market that has been quite so forensic.

“In fairness they have made us perform better. Occasionally I say that through gritted teeth but they have. We are not at war with the media .We have a very good and strong relationship with them and occasionally it gets feisty but that is the nature of it.

“I would rather have a forensic British press. Sometimes they do not provide the most enjoyable of experiences but actually I would much rather have a free press than not. And occasionally, and I say occasionally, they come up with some thoughtful observations.”

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