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J.A. Samaranch Trophy : Coaching Volunteers

7 février 2012

• Location : Russia
• Project description

Sochi 2014 has marked a revival of volunteerism in Russia by introducing new legislation, setting infrastructure for volunteers preparation and developing theoretical and practical educational programs for students.

• Innovation

Sochi 2014 has triggered changes in Russian legislation, introducing the notion of “volunteer/volunteerism” that enabled thousands of Russian NGOs to work with volunteers more transparently and effectively.

26 centers were created to prepare volunteers for the Olympic Games and, more important, for social needs in the post-olympic period.

• Substainability

26 centers were created on the basis of Universities across Russia, that will continue recruiting and training volunteers after 2014 for different NGOs, community projects and large sporting events in the future. Centers are receiving all the know-how and training materials from Sochi 2014.

• Actual impact

Today, only 3-8% of Russian population is involved in community project or volunteerism. Creating an infrastructure for volunteers training and popularization of community service will increase the number of people involved in charity across Russia.

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